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Dragon Wushu School of
Chinese Martial Arts
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Welcome to the Dragon Wushu Gymnasium. Don’t be fooled by  fakes, our coaches are trained by the top coaches and athletes in China to teach YOU


Many  martial art clubs will tell you THEY are the best, they’ll tell you that to be good you need to start training at an early age

This is simply  NOT TRUE, come and look, SEE our students in action and TALK to them ... WE have nothing to hide, our  skills show all

Why study with us?
Ultimate Fighting Skills
Self Defence that works
Equipment & Facilities
Traditional Arts
Health & Relaxation
Fast Weight Loss & Fitness
Friendly Atmosphere
Professional Instruction
Kids & Adults
Total Beginners Welcome
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Our last guest teacher was
World and all Asian Champion - He Jing De

We now hold classes in

Fencing & Archery,

check the timetable for details